Monthly Archives: May 2015

Smoke (formerly Cody)

Jake and Caitlin Biron adopted Smoke (formerly Cody) in May of 2012 when he was an eight month old pup. They’ve sent us pictures showing some of the things Smoke likes: naps, beach time, and watching deer in his yard.  The Birons say this Aussie/Catahoula hound mix is very loyal and a great companion. He’s friendly with other dogs and loves to play with them.  He also loves kids, fishing, swimming, hiking, and clam digging.  We’re happy Smoke, Jake, and Caitlin found each other; it sounds like the ideal home all around.Biron collage

Claire, Hallie, and Lexie – all from our shelter and all in one happy home

I spoke with Betty, who adopted Claire (now Fluffy) and Hallie (now Misty) this year, and Lexie (now Precious) the summer of 2013.  When I asked her about Claire, she said “You mean the pistol?” with a laugh.  A few minutes later I heard a commotion close to the phone and said “That must be the pistol.”  Betty said yes, they were all chasing each other around the room.  As she says, “They fly through the house and they all get along well.”

Unlike any cat I’ve ever known, Fluffy loves water.  In fact, she’d take a bath with Betty if she could and routinely gets into the tub while it’s draining. And she loves it when Betty flicks water at her.  Misty had a bladder infection when she first got home and Betty got plenty of exercise trying to catch her so she could wrap her in a towel and give her antibiotics. Misty is healthy now, “feisty and full of energy.”

Betty’s ten year old Maine Coon cat (adopted from a different shelter) acts like a mama to the newer three adoptees, licking them and showing them the ropes. When I asked Betty how she selected her cats she said “they chose each other.” Good job, all four of you!  That’s Precious, Misty, and Fluffy left to right below.


Autumn (now Hazel)

Amber’s family adopted Autumn last year.  Here’s what Amber has to say: “We are so happy to have adopted from the shelter! Autumn was renamed Hazel, and has taken to life with us very well. She’s still a little apprehensive of her human children house mates (Parker who is 4 and Gwen who is 1) , but is very patient with them and seems to enjoy looking down on them from anywhere out of reach haha.

She is definitely a cuddler and has been a great addition to my evenings where she and I sit and hang out together while I do homework. All in all, we are thrilled and thankful that we are able to be Hazel’s forever home!



This boy was at the shelter for close to a year, but he’s found his forever home, as you can see below.

“Bones has been WONDERFUL!!! I could go on for days about how much we love him and how perfect he has been as a new addition to our family. We quickly learned many things about him, He loves the lake and the beach. He is quick to come when called. He is a great walker! Even my 4 year old can walk him without any issues. He has not had a single accident. He does well with other dogs, on leash and off. He only barks 2-3 times to let us know that someone is at our door. He loves cuddling, but does not share his bed. picture to show 🙂 He does GREAT with little kids! However, he hates the vacuum.

A typical day for Bones includes his morning walk, breakfast and a little play time with Saddie before school. Then he hangs out and watches our home till 4. I say watches because he insists on laying right next to the front door. When we get home we either walk him to the park/lake or we drive to the beach. He loves to play fetch and tag. Occasionally, we can get him to play hide and seek, but he usually has too much energy for that. 🙂 Then we will go home and eat dinner. More likely then not Saddie will sneak him a treat or two before bedtime, because he is playing so nicely in her room 😉 We want to thank you all at the shelter for taking such good care of him for the past year. He has brought such joy and laughter to my daughter and me. He most definitely has found a forever home!”