Monthly Archives: May 2015


Hazel was adopted out early last summer.  Her mom tells us “Hazel has been pure delight.  She’s bossy, inquisitive, quirky and cute cute cute!   She’s a small cat, about 8 lbs. and makes up for her diminutive proportions with healthy confidence.  She manages our Shelty, McDuff, as well as the neighbor’s Norwich terrier  keeping them on their most respectful behavior.  Hazel is very engaging and wins the heart of everyone who meets her.  Here’s a photo of her waiting for someone to try and use dental floss in her presence.  Now that’s very tricky.”


Ivy III (Formerly Liza), Ivy IV (Formerly Pecan), and David

These two dogs are having a wonderful life in Alaska with Jackie and David.  The two came down in Jackie’s RV over the Fourth of July holiday in 2013 and adopted Ivy III.  This summer they drove down again and stopped at the shelter to find a brother or sister for Ivy III.  Pecan, an adorable young Pug, got along immediately with everyone, and went off the same day to spend the Fourth in Cannon Beach before going home to Alaska. Thank you, Jackie and David, for sharing your story with us.



Sarah, Jake’s human sister, wrote to say that Jake is doing great in his new home. “He’s had about 10 months to get used to his new life, family, and neighbors. It took him a while to get over being so anxious around men, but now some of his favorite people are men. Of course there’s nobody like his mom! Not only does he take her for two walks every day, but he holds her down on the sofa on a regular basis to keep him toasty while he takes a nap. He has many “babies” that he carries around and tends. Jake has the important job of alerting his mom every time the furnace comes on or the ice machine drops ice as well as when the neighbors walk by or anything else suspicious is going on. He loves other dogs, especially his neighbors and his doggie-niece who comes over regularly to play. Jake is a wonderful part of our family. It was such a happy day for all of us when he came to live with my mom.”


Mya Moon

Kimberly Reed wants everyone to know how much she and her family love Mya.  They adopted this six year old Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix last fall.  Mya came from a home where she lacked proper socialization, so she was fearful at first.  She now gets a walk every day, lots of car rides, lots of toys, and “so much love she doesn’t know what to do!”  She’s one lucky girl.