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Cavalier Clyde

Ed tells us:

“Okay Folks, this guy Clyde is anything but a conventional kitty. So you won’t be surprised that I spied Clyde driving a 1952 Chevy Woodie (you know, one of those old station wagons with real wood paneling on the sides) in my very neighborhood the other day. That’s right, he was sputtering down Sunset Boulevard at The Cove in Seaside. And yup, he had a surfboard tied on top of that Woodie. Clyde was about to ride a few waves, and if I know Clyde, he probably was hoping to dodge a few sharks while doing it. Take in that visual image, if you will, and you’ll pretty much know what kind of cat this three year old is.

He’s a feisty adolescent male. The guy’s adventuresome, always ready for action. So much so, he might just start a small skirmish with another cat simply for something to do. Clyde’s not the cat for just anyone. You couch potatoes best find yourself a lap cat, not a surfer cat like Clyde. But if you, yourself, are into daring action and morning to night fun, then this cat Clyde just might be the one.

Oh, he’s a handsome playcat too. Strutting around the beach in his silver tabby garb with pronounced black stripes. Think of those stripes as tattoos on a fit young bod and you’ll get a sense of the rebel nature of Clyde. Yah, he’s an active and instigator kitty. But you have to admit, he’s awfully pretty too. And, as I said at the beginning, this dude Clyde ain’t no conventional kitty. Thus I present to you, our Pet of the Week, the pride of our Cat Room, one cool cat named Clyde. He rides the waves, all right; and if you’re up for a life of unending fun, you’ll see that he rides homeward with you.”


Richelle tells us, “Enzo is pretty timid at the moment, but just because the shelter is a scary place, doesn’t mean he’s anti-social.  In fact, give this boy a scratch and he will give you the sweetest little grateful kisses.  The more you talk to and pet him, the more he warms up. Enzo would make a fantastic lap cat in a calm home where he is talked to, petted, and loved. This boy really loves affection. He just needs a safe place to give it.”

Dewey Adopted!

Three cheers for Dewey!


Dewey was here for more than a year. Some of us were getting a little worried that no one would want Dewey. He was such such a good boy and well-loved here at the shelter.

Here’s Ashley:
“Dewey is a very handsome four-year-old male Pit-Bull Terrier Mix. He seems to be good with other dogs and people of all ages. Dewey likes to chase cats, so a home that is cat free would be best suited for him. He will also need a fenced yard.
Dewey came into the shelter because his people didn’t have the time needed for him that he and all pets need and crave. Dewey is very playful and loves interaction with all.
Dewey has a lot of energy and would do best in an active home. He would make a great beach walking, hiking dog and a great companion. (Some further leash training would benefit Dewey for a perfect fit).
Dewey loves to play ball with people. Dewey knows basic commands and has learned (while in the shelter) how to “High Five, and Shake Paws.”
Dewey is a very affectionate and one of our volunteer favorites. If you are seeking a companion for walks, hikes and life’s adventures, please come and meet our awesome, gorgeous, smart “Dewey.” ❤❤❤❤

Nate, shown here with Dewey, wants us to know that “Dewey is a handsome boy that’s currently living at the shelter. He is very playful and listens to you. He really likes playing with balls, and will allow you to snuggle him and hug him and tickle him. Dewey is looking for a home where he will be treated kindly and is played with. I had a very fun time playing and taking pictures with Dewey.”

Chewie Adopted!

Chewie is an intelligent cat with distinguished markings and curious eyes. His absolute favorite thing to do is jump high in the air to chase his toys. This good boy is ready to find a home that will have plenty of toys and a warm lap to snuggle. He loves to chat and chirp, so we can only assume he would love a window to sit in and watch the birds. He’s smart as a whip, being the only cat that figured out how to remove drain covers in the shelter and put his toys down the drain! Chewie is a energetic and entertaining cat that will make someone happy for years to come. Chewie doesn’t really appreciate other cats, so he will be happiest as an only cat. He is good with children, but can be a tad rambunctious when he plays.

Shelly Adopted!



Amanda, who also took this picture, tells us, “Shelley is quite the character and is very much a herding dog! She is goofy, yet extremely focused, intelligent, sweet and loyal. Like most herding types, she is high energy and wants a JOB so badly! Whatever she is doing, she is doing it as if her and your life depend on it!
A bored dog is not a happy dog and that is especially true in Shelley’s case. She is VERY active and would do best in a home with room to run, with a human who understands how to fulfill her breed needs, and is willing to keep her stimulated both mentally and physically. With the proper environment, herding type dogs are some of the most rewarding dogs to own. They will give you what you give them times 100!! Are you the human for her?”
Shelley needs a fully fenced yard and a home with no kitties (she loves to chase them.)