Aggie is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pets of the Week for the week of July 5, 2020



Carrie tells us, “Aggie is a cat with years of life experience. She’s long past the adorableness of kittenhood, zoomies of the teenager years, and has even lived through the middle ages. She’s seventeen, she doesn’t need to dart around like a feline maniac anymore. That’s for the younger crowd, as it should be. No, Aggie may not be the most sprightly of cats anymore but don’t let her age fool you into thinking she’s without energy. She’s got plenty left in her compact little frame, and she’s also a cat who loves to chat. Her craggy voice is simply the cutest. She may sound a bit demanding, but here’s the thing – that’s just confidence in her own ability to steal your heart. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get your attention about it.

And what she wants is simply to have a home, with soft cushions, regular meals (and treats, maybe some treats), and gentle hands to dole out as much love as she can take.”

If you’d like to meet Aggie, call the Clatsop County Animal Shelter at 503-861-7387 to set up an appointment. or