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Aggie is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pets of the Week for the week of July 5, 2020


Carrie tells us, “Aggie is a cat with years of life experience. She’s long past the adorableness of kittenhood, zoomies of the teenager years, and has even lived through the middle ages. She’s seventeen, she doesn’t need to dart around like a feline maniac anymore. That’s for the younger crowd, as it should be. No, Aggie may not be the most sprightly of cats anymore but don’t let her age fool you into thinking she’s without energy. She’s got plenty left in her compact little frame, and she’s also a cat who loves to chat. Her craggy voice is simply the cutest. She may sound a bit demanding, but here’s the thing – that’s just confidence in her own ability to steal your heart. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get your attention about it.

And what she wants is simply to have a home, with soft cushions, regular meals (and treats, maybe some treats), and gentle hands to dole out as much love as she can take.”

If you’d like to meet Aggie, call the Clatsop County Animal Shelter at 503-861-7387 to set up an appointment. or

Simon is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pets of the Week for the week of June 14, 2020!


Laura recently got to spend some time with Simon and she tell us…”Simon is a greeter! He follows me from the door to hop up on the shelves so he can purr in my ear and head bump in a cheery fuzz ball way. Gorgeous long hair and classic face.”

She is right! Simon is one dashing fellow…from his long jet black luxurious coat to his gorgeous yellow eyes. He is sweet, mild mannered and sure to keep your lap warm during a chilly afternoon. He also plays ball and comes to a whistle. Simon loves dogs and would be better with older children, but needs to be the only cat. He is 7 yrs old, loves attention and affection and is ready to go to a wonderful home!

If you’d like to meet Simon, please call the animal shelter at 503-861-7387 for more information or to make an appointment.

Check out his Petfinder profile at



Pudge has been enjoying life with Dan, Sue, Olive and Herbie since late last year. Here’s an update we just received:

“Pudge loves the current stay-in-place order.   She is very good at staying in place.  One place…for a long time…until dinner.  Then she is happy to move from her spot in the sun to her dinner bowl.  We have enjoyed spending oodles of time with our old greyhound and new to us bundle of love. Pudge continues to amaze us with her many noises.  There seems to be a new one for every occasion.  There’s one for scratching her ears, another for rubbing her belly, and yet another for enjoying a good meal.  Our greyhounds (Olive and Herbie) are quiet and graceful, yet we love the Cacophony of Pudge. She snores like chainsaw at full throttle, but chirps happily while eating a treat. She has also mastered the art of weaving between the greyhound legs during walks.  Despite her rotund physique, she stealthily finishes their dinners and beats them to every sunbeam before they know it. We love this furry package! Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at the Clatsop County Animal Shelter! You have brought our furry soulmate home :)”

Stubs is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pets of the Week for the week of June 7, 2020


Diane tells us, “Stubs is a mellow, affectionate black male cat who enjoys combing and brushing and loves to be picked up and held on your shoulder. He is Manx with a stub of a tail and the classic characteristics of longer back legs which give a higher line to his back. He is not bothered by other cats and adjusts well to a new situation.”

Natalie, who took his picture, says he is the sweetest thing ever and came right up for snuggle time with her.

If you’d like to meet him, call the shelter at 503-861-7387 to set up an appointment.,



Gunner was a much-loved boy at the shelter. This four year old pit bull came in with glaucoma in both eyes and for months patiently accepted twice daily eye drops until it was decided he would be better off with both eyes removed. As you can see below, he has struck gold now and is doing beautifully.

His mom tells us, “Gunner has brought so much joy to my household. He has adjusted well to our home. He is so super smart. I have attached photos, granted the snow is brand new yesterday. He really is quite fond of it. His senses are so acute, he is able to navigate around the whole yard. He knows exactly which obstacles to avoid. The snow did throw his senses off in that he was barking at the sounds of plopping and bounding out in the yard to “see”. He navigates the house really well and my daughters have taught him the blanket on the couch is his. He loves to curl up in any bed that the door is open. During Christmas, I had large plastic ornaments on each girls’ door, he would go up to it and bump it, always on the hope that the door would give and the next thing you know he would be a ball of snoring warmth. I apologize, I am rambling, but he is a blessing. We go for walks almost every day. He goes out into the backyard multiple times per day. He lets me know when the mailman is outside. I don’t know if your volunteers were aware, but he constantly talks back. He rumbles in his chest, sighs deeply and gives the whole raised eyebrows and cocked head attention when being spoken to. I am currently trying to teach him the word fence, so that on our walk he doesn’t snuffle right into it. The black and white puppy in the photo, was a temporary house guest and they played and slept together well.”gunner-home-collage