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Success stories about animals adopted from the Clatsop County Animal Shelter with the help and support of Clatsop Animal Assistance.


Mimzee’s mom Kathleen tells us, “l adopted Mimzee who used to be Angie, in 2017. She was the most terrified, saddest cat l have ever met. The guy in charge of the cat room said she really needed to have a home. I wasn’t too sure. I had a big fat unhappy furry cat at home whose feline pal had recently died of old age. I was looking for a fun kitty. So the next day l returned to the shelter and adopted Angie with the incredibly sad eyes. Her first days at my house were spent hiding behind the stove. When l talked quietly to her she turned her head away. She found new hiding places frequently. Gradually, at a snail’s pace she gingerly moved into her new home. Everything frightened her. Aggie (fat cat) sensed something was amiss and let her have space at mealtime. Over the days and weeks, she learned to play with cat toys, sit near Aggie and eventually play chase with her, not hide under the bed, jump into my lap one day (both of us nearly fainted), and accept being petted. It was slow but rewarding. Then one day she totally emerged from her unhappy existence. Now she cuddles with me, visits me in the bathroom in the morning and jumps up to sit on my shoulder (she likes to look at us in the mirror), talks a mile-a-minute, smiles with her eyes, purrs incessantly, races around the house with Aggie in total abandonment. She has gained weight and grown a new set of fur which is soft and luxurious. She is such an amazing cat! And so are all of you who find homes for these dogs and cats.”

Success Story: Moose Mahoney

Moose Mahoney’s mom Bridget sent us this super update on him. “I adopted Moose Mahoney at the end of September. I was looking for a companion for my 8 year old dog Edgar who was close in age. I first saw Moose’s photo on Facebook and was determined to get him. He is a joy maker, likes to cuddle, loves walks, and always wants to be by my side. It is a privilege to be his mom. Ps. His full name is Moose Mahoney but we call him Moosie.”

He’s a lucky boy.


Penny was adopted early this fall and has definitely hit the jackpot with her new family.

Summer, her mom, tells us, “We adopted Penny from the shelter in September when she was about 7 months old. My 8 year old daughter had been saving her money to buy a Bloodhound and she was so thrilled to find one at the shelter that she could actually afford! She saw Penny jumping crazily in her kennel and it was love at first sight. Penny came home on September 21st and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. She is rambunctious, mischievous, sweet, and amazing with our two kids. We have an 8 year old chocolate lab so it’s been an adjustment going back to the puppy stage with a very large puppy! My house is always clean because well, if it fits, it goes in her mouth….like my car keys…that she dropped down the garbage disposal. She loves to play hide and seek. My daughter will hide in the house and yell “Penny, come find me!” and she runs through the house, knocking things over with her giant body and tail, until she finds my daughter. You always know because giggles erupt from the hiding spot as Penny jumps and licks her. One shake of the head and those slobbery jowls whip slobber from one side of the house to the other! We’ve found slobber on our TV, our couch, the kitchen counter, pretty much anywhere she goes. She always wants to be around my daughter and vice versa. I cannot wait to see their bond grow throughout the years. Penny is quite the dog who will forever lead our family on some interesting but hilarious adventures.”

Caster (now Gretchen)

Gretchen was adopted in October. Her dad tells us, “She has settled in beautifully and is a loving companion. She spends a lot of time watching the world and my deck, alternating with brief manic bursts running and beeping. Whether it’s on the bed or couch, or on a kitchen chair or the floor, she likes to stay close. Bringing her home was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Thanks for bringing us together.”

Cavalier Clyde

Ed tells us:

“Okay Folks, this guy Clyde is anything but a conventional kitty. So you won’t be surprised that I spied Clyde driving a 1952 Chevy Woodie (you know, one of those old station wagons with real wood paneling on the sides) in my very neighborhood the other day. That’s right, he was sputtering down Sunset Boulevard at The Cove in Seaside. And yup, he had a surfboard tied on top of that Woodie. Clyde was about to ride a few waves, and if I know Clyde, he probably was hoping to dodge a few sharks while doing it. Take in that visual image, if you will, and you’ll pretty much know what kind of cat this three year old is.

He’s a feisty adolescent male. The guy’s adventuresome, always ready for action. So much so, he might just start a small skirmish with another cat simply for something to do. Clyde’s not the cat for just anyone. You couch potatoes best find yourself a lap cat, not a surfer cat like Clyde. But if you, yourself, are into daring action and morning to night fun, then this cat Clyde just might be the one.

Oh, he’s a handsome playcat too. Strutting around the beach in his silver tabby garb with pronounced black stripes. Think of those stripes as tattoos on a fit young bod and you’ll get a sense of the rebel nature of Clyde. Yah, he’s an active and instigator kitty. But you have to admit, he’s awfully pretty too. And, as I said at the beginning, this dude Clyde ain’t no conventional kitty. Thus I present to you, our Pet of the Week, the pride of our Cat Room, one cool cat named Clyde. He rides the waves, all right; and if you’re up for a life of unending fun, you’ll see that he rides homeward with you.”