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Success stories about animals adopted from the Clatsop County Animal Shelter with the help and support of Clatsop Animal Assistance.


Max at home


Alex writes, “We are the family who adopted “Max” (now known as Loki). Loki has been the best thing to happen for our little family. He was the perfect match for us. This “little” puppy has grown so quickly and we can’t wait to continue watching him grow. Loki loves to play tug-of-war with his fur brother Konan and playing fetch or chasing Konan around the kitchen island. Loki is such a great family dog. He does great with our 15 month old son, Avery. He’s the on duty “lifeguard” during bath time and plays house with Avery. He’s our gentle giant ready for play or love at any second. We can’t thank you guys enough for helping making our family slightly bigger with so much more love.

With much happiness,

Alex, Evan, and Avery
🐾Konan and Loki🐾”


Alfred says, ”I was walking down the main street of Cannon Beach and stopped to view a poster in a window. It was a poster of about a dozen dog faces posted by the Clatsop County Animal Shelter. One of the faces looked a lot like a favorite dog we owned 25 years ago, Oscar. We lost our last dog, Moses, to old age about 1.5 years ago and I was having “dog withdrawal symptoms.” My wife not so much. She was enjoying the freedom of not having a dog to care for. We live in Yamhill County but I made the trip to Warrenton anyhow to view a prospective new family dog. It turned out that “Alex” was not going to be an ideal fit. I liked Alex and he liked me but he was quite young with high energy in need of a lot of training and I felt that my wife would not approve. However I was shown another dog, just taken in, named Max. Max also reminded me of Oscar in many ways and was much more docile than Alex. About a week later I persuaded my wife to drive with me to see Max. We were given the opportunity to walk him and my wife, while still not pleased to take in another dog, did agree to let me have Max. The emphasis here is that he was to be MY dog and she was washing her hands of any responsibility. It was a quiet drive home with Max. Miracles do happen! By the end of the same day, Max, through force of his charming personality, had my wife wrapped around his little claw! Turns out that Max is a ladies’ man and my wife is now as glad to have Max as I am.

I want to thank Clatsop County Animal Shelter for the opportunity to obtain Max. I was impressed with the operation of the shelter. Clean, bright facility with cheerful staff and volunteers…a pleasure to work with. And clearly, the posting of portraits in store front windows worked for us and Max. If you are in search of a new home companion please give Clatsop County Animal Shelter a serious consideration. And even if you are not in need of a companion consider supporting CCAS with your donation of funds or time. They are good people doing good work running a needed service on a limited budget.”



Geordi was adopted out just a couple of months ago and is adjusting well. His mom tells us, “Geordi is growing accustomed to his new home and all the attention that comes with it! His favorite place is in the window seat or on the bed. He loves getting pets and treats and will sleep on your chest or face at night if you let him. He’s a real sweetheart and we’re so happy to have him!”

Let’s hear it for pets that get to sleep on the bed. Thank you!