Claire, Hallie, and Lexie – all from our shelter and all in one happy home

I spoke with Betty, who adopted Claire (now Fluffy) and Hallie (now Misty) this year, and Lexie (now Precious) the summer of 2013.  When I asked her about Claire, she said “You mean the pistol?” with a laugh.  A few minutes later I heard a commotion close to the phone and said “That must be the pistol.”  Betty said yes, they were all chasing each other around the room.  As she says, “They fly through the house and they all get along well.”

Unlike any cat I’ve ever known, Fluffy loves water.  In fact, she’d take a bath with Betty if she could and routinely gets into the tub while it’s draining. And she loves it when Betty flicks water at her.  Misty had a bladder infection when she first got home and Betty got plenty of exercise trying to catch her so she could wrap her in a towel and give her antibiotics. Misty is healthy now, “feisty and full of energy.”

Betty’s ten year old Maine Coon cat (adopted from a different shelter) acts like a mama to the newer three adoptees, licking them and showing them the ropes. When I asked Betty how she selected her cats she said “they chose each other.” Good job, all four of you!  That’s Precious, Misty, and Fluffy left to right below.