Gunner was a much-loved boy at the shelter. This four year old pit bull came in with glaucoma in both eyes and for months patiently accepted twice daily eye drops until it was decided he would be better off with both eyes removed. As you can see below, he has struck gold now and is doing beautifully.

His mom tells us, “Gunner has brought so much joy to my household. He has adjusted well to our home. He is so super smart. I have attached photos, granted the snow is brand new yesterday. He really is quite fond of it. His senses are so acute, he is able to navigate around the whole yard. He knows exactly which obstacles to avoid. The snow did throw his senses off in that he was barking at the sounds of plopping and bounding out in the yard to “see”. He navigates the house really well and my daughters have taught him the blanket on the couch is his. He loves to curl up in any bed that the door is open. During Christmas, I had large plastic ornaments on each girls’ door, he would go up to it and bump it, always on the hope that the door would give and the next thing you know he would be a ball of snoring warmth. I apologize, I am rambling, but he is a blessing. We go for walks almost every day. He goes out into the backyard multiple times per day. He lets me know when the mailman is outside. I don’t know if your volunteers were aware, but he constantly talks back. He rumbles in his chest, sighs deeply and gives the whole raised eyebrows and cocked head attention when being spoken to. I am currently trying to teach him the word fence, so that on our walk he doesn’t snuffle right into it. The black and white puppy in the photo, was a temporary house guest and they played and slept together well.”gunner-home-collage