Sarah, Jake’s human sister, wrote to say that Jake is doing great in his new home. “He’s had about 10 months to get used to his new life, family, and neighbors. It took him a while to get over being so anxious around men, but now some of his favorite people are men. Of course there’s nobody like his mom! Not only does he take her for two walks every day, but he holds her down on the sofa on a regular basis to keep him toasty while he takes a nap. He has many “babies” that he carries around and tends. Jake has the important job of alerting his mom every time the furnace comes on or the ice machine drops ice as well as when the neighbors walk by or anything else suspicious is going on. He loves other dogs, especially his neighbors and his doggie-niece who comes over regularly to play. Jake is a wonderful part of our family. It was such a happy day for all of us when he came to live with my mom.”