Jasmine Success Story

Jasmine the Black Lab Shelter Dog

Jasmine Settles Quickly Settle In

by Rodney Merrill

We become fond of our lodgers pretty darn quick and wonder about them after they leave.  No wonder, then, that we love hearing about them and seeing them in their new digs.

Julie and Clyde wrote to us to tell us that things are not only working out well for Jasmine but working out remarkably well and remarkably fast!

Jasmine is now Jacie and is already best friends with Raliegh, also a former shelter dog known back then as Michael.

“… you’d think that Jacie has lived with us for two years not just two weeks. She has fit into our household beautifully.

Jacie pretty much copies everything he does, even barking when she has absolutely no idea what he barking at (he’s barking at a car coming up the driving and she’s looking in the trees thinking there must be a suspicious bird in the area).

She’s pretty bonded to her “Angry Bird” toys and likes to keep them close by. All in all she’s very sweet, eager to please and so well behaved. We love having her as part of our family!”

Whither thou goest, I will go

There was a follow-up note and more photos soon after.

“Just a couple more pictures for you, she’s so stinkin’ photogenic I have about 100 pictures of her already! (I get a little carried away) Jacie is still doing fabulous. Her and Raleigh are just about inseparable; where one is the other is and she is definitely making Raleigh more active which is a really good thing.

Jacie just discovered the squeaky toys this weekend and wore herself out running around the yard squeaking her toy. She’s been great with all the company we’ve had come to the house and is definitely part of the family!”

Letters like these, with photos of former lodgers in their new homes remind us of why we are here. And it tells us we are making a difference.

What better way to start a new week?