John Boy Success Story

Photo Collage of Dax formerly John Boy

Dax formerly John Boy

John Boy, one of the seven puppies named after members of the Walton Family, is now known as Dax.

Melissa, his adopted human,  sent us note on his progress:

In early April, we drove all the way from Seattle to adopt him after falling in love with his PetFinder profile the night before. He’s now doing wonderfully in his new forever home! He loves running around Seattle parks and being the center of attention of all of our neighbors. We love him so much! Attached are a few pictures we’ve taken since we adopted him; he’s grown so quickly! We just wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Dax into our home!

He’s a very happy, healthy little pup! We love him so much, and are so grateful for our adoption experience with you guys.”

Thanks, Melissa! These updates are like a little pep pill. Knowing that one of our wards has settled into their home-for-life and is doing well makes me smile and swell with joy. I’m sure other volunteers feels the same.