Ken and Sharon adopted Lucy from the shelter about eight years ago.  She was about a year and a half old and one of the timid dogs that always hang out in Stephen’s office under his desk.  When Sharon and Ken first got Lucy home, she sat on their kitchen love seat and just shook for the first two weeks.  Every night they had her sleep on the bed with them to boost her confidence; that plan worked and she started coming out of her shell after the first couple of weeks.  They also started her on daily beach walks and quickly realized that even when they let her off leash she was always going to stick like glue.

About a month after they adopted her Ken and Sharon went on a short vacation and Lucy stayed at a local kennel.  But she was so frightened the whole time they were gone that they take her most everywhere they go or she gets her own vacation at their son’s house.  Although Lucy was wary of the car at the beginning, she now loves it and rides contentedly even on long car trips.  Sharon says it’s one of her favorite places because it makes her feel safe.

Lucy is now well-adjusted and happily spoiled.  We love these reports!  Lucy at home