Kami wrote to us earlier this year to tell us about Mason.  He’s a hit!

“We adopted Mason the BIG black lab in June 2014 and he has been the most wonderful addition!  I have never been around a dog that is so goofy and happy ALL THE TIME.  I mean it, absolutely EVERYTHING makes this dog happy…kids, adults, walks, car rides, baths, food, treats, toys, balls…he just thinks that all of those things are the most wonderful thing in the world!  We have been giving him a joint supplement due to some stiffness in his hips and I was a little nervous about how I was going to get the medicine down him if he didn’t want to take it.  But no worries there, he sits like a gentleman and takes his pill every morning just like it is a treat for him, he is happy to have it.
Our yellow lab Lucy had been an only dog for 7 years, so I wasn’t sure how she would feel about having a new, energetic friend.  When we brought her to the shelter to meet him, she was pretty ambivalent about it and didn’t really pay much attention to him at all.  But it only took a few weeks for them to become great friends, as you can see by the pics (not sure if you can tell, but Mason has his head laying on Lucy’s paw while they sleep).  Since bringing Mason home, Lucy has flourished.  She is happier, more energetic, and has gained some weight (which she needed).
My family loves Mason dearly and we are so glad that we found him.”