Maurice (formerly named Mickey)

Success story: this just in from Gregory age 10 and owner of Maurice (formerly named Mickey)

“When Maurice first arrived home and was put in my room to adjust, he ran straight under my bed. That very night I got in my bed, scooted under the covers and pulled up the blankets. There he was, sitting on me, waiting for me to pet him. The head butting and kissing were hard to sleep through at first, but I got use to it. One night when I slept in another room, Maurice even came and found me! He is still a shy cat in the daytime, but outgoing at night. One important note- He is deathly afraid of mice.
The only time I’ve heard him meow is when a mouse invaded my room. He ran around, jumped on me and meowed like he wanted me to kill it.
There is no such thing as a monster under my bed, but there is such a thing as a Maurice under my bed!”

 Maurice collage