Mike is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pet of the Week for the week of August 16, 2020

Volunteer Riki tells us, “He’s very active! He will jump from the ground up to his top cage – he is always sticking paws out of his cage to give a friendly tap at you and say hello.. don’t forget to love me! His fur is sooo silky soft. He will just fall over and let you rub on his belly He’s just super fit I feel! And I think he’s so much happier now that the eye is gone, it looks so good and healed too! Definitely not just a sit on your lap cat, but he does love a good rubbing and lots of love!”

This four year old brown tabby is looking for a wonderful and loving home. Call the shelter at 503-861-7387 if you’d like to make an appointment to meet him and check out these links for more information. https://www.petfinder.com/cat/mike-48734437/or/warrenton/clatsop-county-animal-control-services-or53/ or http://clatsopcounty.animalshelternet.com/adoption_animal_details.cfm?AnimalUID=249165