Shelly Adopted!



Amanda, who also took this picture, tells us, “Shelley is quite the character and is very much a herding dog! She is goofy, yet extremely focused, intelligent, sweet and loyal. Like most herding types, she is high energy and wants a JOB so badly! Whatever she is doing, she is doing it as if her and your life depend on it!
A bored dog is not a happy dog and that is especially true in Shelley’s case. She is VERY active and would do best in a home with room to run, with a human who understands how to fulfill her breed needs, and is willing to keep her stimulated both mentally and physically. With the proper environment, herding type dogs are some of the most rewarding dogs to own. They will give you what you give them times 100!! Are you the human for her?”
Shelley needs a fully fenced yard and a home with no kitties (she loves to chase them.)