Stubs is our KMUN, THE ASTORIAN, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, WARRENTON KIA, HITS 94.3 KRKZ, and CLATSOP NEWS Pets of the Week for the week of June 7, 2020



Diane tells us, “Stubs is a mellow, affectionate black male cat who enjoys combing and brushing and loves to be picked up and held on your shoulder. He is Manx with a stub of a tail and the classic characteristics of longer back legs which give a higher line to his back. He is not bothered by other cats and adjusts well to a new situation.”

Natalie, who took his picture, says he is the sweetest thing ever and came right up for snuggle time with her.

If you’d like to meet him, call the shelter at 503-861-7387 to set up an appointment.,