Crystal spent many months at the shelter, waiting for that perfect family. She was adopted early in January and, as you can see, she’s struck gold.

Her mom tells us, “After visiting Crystal at the shelter a few times, and thinking about her for the next week, I knew she needed to come home with us. Since we adopted her she has made our house her own! She’s figured out that yes, she is the perfect size to be a lap dog. And no matter how fresh or ice cold her own water bowl is, the water from the toilet is just better.
Every night when we get tucked in for bed she loves to have a good match of “kiss war” to see who can get in the last kiss. Followed by some great cuddling time. Long walks are by far her favorite thing ever, and if she doesnt think she’s gone far enough she’ll just sit down until you go her way. Although we are pretty sure she is slighty deaf she has no problem hearing a bag of treats being touched somewhere in the house!
We are very lucky to have found such a special little diva to call our own!”