We recently received this update from Gunnar’s mom. “So almost four years ago I got a call from Crissy (a shelter volunteer) and she told me she had found the perfect dog for me. I needed to come up and meet him. So I planned a weekend drove up and met Gunnar. I was really fortunate he actually liked me and I got to bring him home that weekend. He has been a pleasure.

You would think being blind that it would make it difficult for him to maneuver, however he has managed to make it around the whole house and the yard without hitting anything a second time. He really loves to sleep with the kids; actually he likes to sleep with anybody – he’ll start out in a small ball and by the end of the night he has 3/4 of the bed. He likes full body hugs when my daughter flaps down on him his tail and just wags back and forth. When he’s not happy and he wants outside he will turkey call; we have yet to get it on video but we’re trying.

He has brought so much joy and pleasure to our lives. He talks grumbles mumbles and is one of the most stubbornest males in our lives. I have two daughters 23 and 20 he loves them both.”