Mimzee’s mom Kathleen tells us, “l adopted Mimzee who used to be Angie, in 2017. She was the most terrified, saddest cat l have ever met. The guy in charge of the cat room said she really needed to have a home. I wasn’t too sure. I had a big fat unhappy furry cat at home whose feline pal had recently died of old age. I was looking for a fun kitty. So the next day l returned to the shelter and adopted Angie with the incredibly sad eyes. Her first days at my house were spent hiding behind the stove. When l talked quietly to her she turned her head away. She found new hiding places frequently. Gradually, at a snail’s pace she gingerly moved into her new home. Everything frightened her. Aggie (fat cat) sensed something was amiss and let her have space at mealtime. Over the days and weeks, she learned to play with cat toys, sit near Aggie and eventually play chase with her, not hide under the bed, jump into my lap one day (both of us nearly fainted), and accept being petted. It was slow but rewarding. Then one day she totally emerged from her unhappy existence. Now she cuddles with me, visits me in the bathroom in the morning and jumps up to sit on my shoulder (she likes to look at us in the mirror), talks a mile-a-minute, smiles with her eyes, purrs incessantly, races around the house with Aggie in total abandonment. She has gained weight and grown a new set of fur which is soft and luxurious. She is such an amazing cat! And so are all of you who find homes for these dogs and cats.”