This sweet girl, one of the most timid dogs at the shelter, was adopted by one of our volunteers. Here’s an update from her very patient mom, who tells us Nina’s world is expanding.

“Some of us take longer than others to get comfortable with life.

We began fostering Nina in late November of 2016. We adopted her in October 2017. I am happy to report that Nina has willingly gotten in and out of the car the past few days. Ironically, it was a trip to the vet that helped this along.

A day later I tried taking her for a drive out of town for a quiet forest walk. Success! A first and something I was not sure would ever happen. Here is Nina with the red collar and on the left in the lower photo. Rocco is on the right. He is a good role model for her. (He was adopted by my parents in July 2017.) We’d had three days of fun forest walks, Nina more confident each day. Rocco is out of town today and she went alone with us. She looked around the parking lot for him and my dad before we took off, and was just as happy to be a solo dog. She seems so proud of herself. It’s heartwarming to see her tail up and wagging as she sniffs along. It’s opened up a whole new world for her. We may get to the beach yet!”