SUCCESS STORY: Sierra and Fisher

These two kittens were adopted in June and have clearly stolen the hearts of their family. Their mom tells us, “We didn’t start the typical way of wanting kittens. Our dog died and Oscar our 15 year old cat was extremely lonely. He would cry when he saw cats outside. I put on cat Youtube videos. He would run over and talk to the cats on TV.  Obviously he wanted friends.

We had a wonderful experience selecting our kittens and even were able to visit them until they were old enough to take home. It had been a long time since we had babies. A lot of joy but work also as they get into everything. Dishwasher, cabinets, washing machine etc.

I even found one taking a nap in our cast iron skillet on the stove. Before you turned anything on you needed to take a kitten inventory. That is the hard part but you do get lots of laughs.

The easy part is all the fun and love.  Exciting to see what they thought of some everyday objects. Stairs, drawers, coffee grinders. At six months they are still fascinated with the ice maker dispenser and come racing out whenever they hear it. I then place a few ice cubes in their water dish. They won’t leave until all the ice has melted.

Sierra and Fisher have been a wonderful addition to our home.  They are best friends with Uncle Oscar.”