Valiant’s family is working hard to bring out the best in him. Here’s what they wrote last week:

“Our family came to visit Valiant four separate times in February 2020. While we had concerns, based on what we had heard with how he was with other dogs and children…we talked in depth as a family about the pros & cons…but in the end, we all agreed that there was something that we all saw in him, that we knew, with love and time, that we could hopefully bring to the forefront. We brought him home on March 4th, and we have worked with him every day…on his manners, on not taking off and running away at the first chance when the door opens (which happened 4 times), as well as being nice to other dogs, cats and people he doesn’t know. He’s learning to play with 3 little dogs, that belong to our oldest daughter and her boyfriend. He responds well to verbal cues, in both English and German, and we’re teaching him sign language also. He loves going for rides in cars and trucks and gives us great snuggles. He LOVES his tennis balls, playing in water at home and running in the ocean.

While we have only had him for a few short months, and we know we still have work ahead of us, he is SO smart and has improved so much already, and his trust and respect of us has started to grow as well. Valiant is almost 3 years old and while he has had a lot happen in his life before us, he has made great strides so far and we expect that by this time next year…with continued love, patience and time, we will have an even more amazing dog than we already have!”