Wall-E the puppy was adopted in May and is getting bigger and doing very well. Here’s what we heard from his new mom, Shawna:

“Wall-E is doing great & growing fast! Had more than doubled his weight! He is very playful, smart, and learning he has a little bark lately 😂 He is full of love if he is not playing or chasing you. He often rides with his dad in the front seat of the truck on security patrols through Surf Pines and everyone he meets loves him! He also goes to work with me a couple/few times a week. He plays well with other dogs in the community and is learning his manners while meeting elderly residents 😊 And of course, has taken over the house & sleeps above our heads in bed 😊. He is very spoiled and loving his new home.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Wall-E he is a perfect fit!”