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Loki was adopted early this summer and we hear he is doing very well. “On a fine June day I ventured to Warrenton to see Mr. Loki. I was totally blown away with his pic with the blue tie. I was equally happy to see him play and be friendly. He has fit in real well with the family. Max, my 18 year old cat, and Loki take naps together. Loki loves the dog park and playing with his ball. I am very happy with our new addition and pray we have a long relationship.”


Second chance for Chance

Photo of Chance giving some paw n his new home.

Chance giving some paw in his new home.

Chance was at the shelter for a longer while. He was kind of a shy guy. Even though it wasn’t so, a person might get the idea that Chance was aloof and asocial. This can be a serious disadvantage when you are one of 16 dogs vying for attention. Chance was loved by the people who worked with him and got to know him but we began to wonder if a visitor would ever take a shine to him.

Well, someone did. Chance was liberated by London and seems to be doing just fine, thank you very much.

Everyone here is thrilled to see this guy doing so well.